When Grah Shanti pooja is Performed?

A marriage or shaadi is considered as a union not just between a boy and a girl but also between two families. A typical marriage has many rituals which span over several days. Each community has its own rituals and ceremonies, but there are a few staples like a Grah Shanti pooja. So, if you are getting married soon, you might be interested to learn a thing or two about this ceremony like the importance and significance of this pooja. We share the details with you.

Grah Shanti pooja is the final step taken by the bride and the groom before they are getting married. That’s why it is performed before a day or two of the wedding day. It is also a way of beginning the festivities with the blessings of the God. In Hinduism, it is considered very important that all the god and goddesses attend and give blessing at the the marriage ceremony to the couple. That’s why they are invited in this pooja to give the celebration an happy start. Also, the ancestors and the forefathers of the bride and groom are invited.