What is Grah Shanti Pooja | Grah Shanti Puja Explained And Why You Need To Plan For One

Grah Shanti pooja is a pre-wedding ritual for bringing happiness and prosperity to the newly wed couple. Following are its significance and benefits:

A marriage in India, which is considered as a union between not just the couples but two families and not just the couple. It involves many rituals. Although the pre-wedding ceremonies vary from community to community, there are a few rituals like a Grah Shanti pooja. So, if your wedding is near, you might be interested to get to know things about this ceremony like the importance and significance of this pooja. We share the details with you.

What is Grah Shanti Pooja?

Grah Shanti pooja is a pre-wedding ritual, performed to remove all the obstacles and bring happiness and prosperity to the couple. As it is believed that the stars & the planets influence highly on our lives, this pooja is performed to ensure that the Navagrah or 9 planets are aligned for both the bride and the groom in order to live a happy married life together. Like the name suggests, Grah means the house and Shanti means peace, thus it means the peace of the house.