Vastu for Pooja temple / worship place / Pooja Room

Puja Room

Worship must be done in the north , north east , or east sides of the home. It is best that the temple room is in the northeast corner of the house.

The worship room should not be towards the south.

The place of worship – It should be on the ground floor ( not upstairs. )

The altar – It should be located on the north-east side of the temple room.

The deities or their pictures should either face east or west, and should not face north or south. It is best that the Deities face west and the worshipers face east.

The altar – It should not be set into the wall but should be at least 2.5 cm (an inch) distance from it.

The door to the temple room should have two shutters.

Toilets should never be above or below the place of worship.

White, light yellow, or light blue are good colors for a temple room. It is good if the worship room is shaped like a pyramid, sloping inward as it goes upward toward the roof in the four directions. 

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