Removal of Vastu Dosha

Following are some of the remedies to negelct Vaastu Dosh which is there in the premises of one’s house or one’s business place.

  • Ganesh pooja, Navagrah Shanti pooja of Vaastu purush.
  • Vaastu purush idol, Nag (snake) made of silver, copper wire, pearl and powla all these items to be put in a red cloth with red earth and keep that in East direction
  • Navachandi Yagya, Shantipath, agnihotra yagya.
  • Red sand cashew nut, Powla in red cloth – keep that in West direction on Tuesday and worshiping that with seemed incense will bring peace in house.
  • Old buildings should be demolished after permission of Vaastu Purush by a proper prayer.
  • During demolition a earthen pot, water, or seat etc should not be taken home.
  • Recite this mantra 12500 times – starting from Tuesday – minimum 108 times daily till 12500 are over Om Namo Bhagvati Vaastu Devtay Namah – Do Dasamsa Home in the end.
  • Daily worship the entrance step – worship with Swastik – Design of Earthenware Pot., Shubh-Labh etc. with Rice and Kumkum. Do not enter the house putting your entrance step.
  • Rakhshoghna Sukta jaap, Homa and anusthan should be done.

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