Pooja before coming to new house, know what is the importance

Worship/puja is done in the house before taking a new home. Having a dream home is the dream of one’s life and when we shift to a new house, we enter with the hope that there will always be happiness, peace and prosperity in the house. This is called home entry pooja. Home entrance pooja / griha pravesh puja is done for purification and happiness of the house.

We moves to a new dream house with new hopes and dreams. In such a situation, pooja and havan are very important. There is a belief among Hindus that worshiping and performing griha pravesh puja and havan before entering the house brings happiness in the house and abode of God. Many times it happens that Vastu is not given attention while building a house, in such a way all these things are purified during worship.
What are the types of home entry?
According to the scriptures, there are 3 types of home entry.

Apurva Griha Pravesh – When entering a new house built for the first time, it is called Apurva Graha Pravesh.
Former Home Entry – When a person is on a stay with his family for some reason and leaves his house vacant for some time, then home entry is done when he goes to stay there again. 

Duality house entrance – When a person has to leave due to any problem or disaster and after some time he / she enters the house again, it is called Duality house entrance.

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