Nava Graha Pujas

How the planets are placed in ones horoscope at the time of birth shows the good as well as bad effects of ones life and the time of their effect. In each and every horoscope some planets are well placed while some are badly placed. Hence we go through various success and failures, happiness and sorrows in various aspects of life in different times in varying degrees. Many planetary conflagrations give rise to strong negative effects called “Doshas”. The “Vedic” scriptures and the astrology scriptures prescribe various poojas to ward off the negative influence of the planets and to improve the benefic effects.

Graha Shanti pooja of any one planet: If a planet is not well placed in one’s chart its shanti pooja/Homa removes or reduces the negative effects and gives better results. Apart from that Graha shanti is desirable in case of severe Mangala dosha or sadesati. During dasa or antardasa of a planet, if the planets graha shanti homam is performed one experiences better results.

The planet’s pooja is performed with the prescribed materials and 1008 namavali of the planet are recited and 1008 sookta recital is done. Pooja is performed by one pandit.