Important things to keep in mind while hiring your wedding Pandit/Priest

A Pandit or priest is needed to conduct your wedding ceremony according to your traditions.
Indian weddings have holy a set of ceremonies that would include several rituals which is conducted with a help of a Pandit.

Couples choose to bring their community temple Pandits or priests who their family members have known for years. Whether you choose to go with someone familiar or are searching for a Wedding pandits in Mumbai or Pune to conduct your ceremony, there are few things you need to consider:

  1. First of all, check whether the wedding Pandit/Priest in you are considering can carry out all kind of ceremony you desire. Check out if the ceremony can be changed to what both sets of families may want.
  2. Keep in mind to inquire if the ceremony can be customized to the time frame you have in mind. Also, confirm the series of events.
  3. Just check his availability as he may be required for Pujas at home pre or post wedding.
  4. Rising inter religion wedding, it’s central to know if and how your wedding Pandit/Priest will conduct the ceremonies.
  5. The ceremonies at weddings, Pujas and numerous other rituals need different ingredients like ghee, holywater, Tender coconuts etc. It is vital to know whether the wedding Pandit/Priest will arrange for all the requisite items so that you are not caught off guard during the wedding.
  6. Kindly ask if the Pandit will make his own travel and accommodation preparations or needs you to do so, particularly in the case of an out of town event. Also ask if these preparations will be required for his assistants.
  7. Finally get a clear picture of the costs involved, so that you can be ready the day!

It is always recommended to work with someone you are easy working with as this person will be shouldering the responsibility of conducting one of the most memorable events in your lives!

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