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Finding a Swami, Pandit or a Guruji for puja is a difficult task. I am prashant mundale, an experienced guruji from konkan. I am providing all kinds of puja from more than 7 years. I provide all kinds of puja in Pune and Mumbai like Vastu Shanti, Griha-Pravesh, Marriage Rituals, Satya Narayan, Munj, Shradh and many more types of pujas and vidhis. I am educated in the field of all puja vidhi and have successfully provided puja services in all the locations in Pune and Mumbai. I believe in good work and my customers got well-being, peace of mind, and right guidance for various Pujas/rituals. If you require Guruji, contact me for consultation and discussion through prior appointment.

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सोशल मीडियाद्वारे तुम्ही आम्हास संपर्क करू शकता तसेच आम्ही फेसबुक वर पण उपलब्ध आहोत ट्विटर इंस्टाग्राम अशा विविध सोशल मीडियावरती आम्हास Follow करू शकता